Port tax, fuel surcharge and baggage allowance information.

Fuel Surcharges, Terminal Tax and Promotion of International Tourism Tax


Till 31st December 2019

From 1st January 2020

Hakata to Busan



Busan to Hakata



Hitakatsu to Busan



Busan to Hitakatsu



*Same charges for adults, children, infants and discounted ticket holders.

Terminal tax: From Busan 4.400 won, from Hakata 500 yen

Passenger Tax for Promotion of International Tourism apply on departure on and after : 07/01/2019. This Tax will collect 1.000 yen on each passenger departing from Japan (passengers under 2 years old will be exempt from the taxation).

Terminal taxes, fuel surcharges and Promotion of International Tourism Tax can be paid in cash at the port counter.

Depending on oil prices and currency fluctuations the above rates are subject to change

Baggage Information

The size and weight of checked baggage

Check-in luggage refers to an item that measures 158 cm or less (total length of height, width and depth) and weighs 20 kg or less. Each passenger can bring aboard two pieces of luggage free of charge with a combined weight of 20 KG or less. Passengers are allowed to board with up to three pieces of luggage, however, the third luggage will be charged at the departing port.

Excess baggage charges

The following items are considered to be a check-in luggage regardless of its actual size:

Items prohibited on board:

Items that possibly disturb other passengers, dangerous objects, living animals and other materials considered to be inappropriate are prohibited on board.

For passengers travelling to Japan or Korea with a tourist visa (short stay) using the ferry to travel between Korea and Japan - except Japanese and Korean passengers.

To ensure there are no problems when passing through immigration :

When departing from Busan

When departing from Hakata/Fukuoka